January 23, 2011

Post Numero Uno

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:40 PM by psycheshanicole

Electronic communication is extremely important to many areas of life-personal, business, academic. From the business perspective, it is important for companies to stay relevant to their consumers, especially through a technology outlet. From an advertising perspective and with technology expanding every day companies must be able to reach their consumers through video, television commercials, digital billboards, blogs, graphically enhanced web sites, phone applications, and so many other forms of electronic communication.

The field of advertising may use electronic communication more than many other career fields, because communicating is basically the main goal of advertising. The purpose of advertising or an advertisement is to communicate and make aware the benefits or availability of a certain product or service. Nowadays it would be essential for advertising agencies and many other companies that offer products or services to have several ways of communicating to their potential and current consumers. Many companies use videos and You Tube to keep record of their events or host commercials. Some companies pay well-known or influential people to blog about their products and services. And with many more people interacting on the Internet, especially on a few select web sites, it is essential to be a part of those sites. Web sites such as Google, You Tube, Facebook, etc are those sites companies want to be a part of, be it a fan page on Facebook, video or advertisement on You Tube, or a hit to a keyword search on Google.

Communication is key to make any relationship or interaction work, personal or business, so companies and employees need to stay up to date with the new ways of doing so to be succesful.


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