February 13, 2011

A Journey Through Food…

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I used to write a weekly restaurant review for the O’Colly and it actually was an interesting and fun experience. I would go to a different restaurant in Stillwater every week, sometimes with my friends and sometimes without, but each visit was worthwhile. Worthwhile, because I usually enjoyed some great food with some good friends or some horrible food and I know not to return to or recommend that restaurant.

 One bad experience I had in Stillwater was at Curly’s old fashioned hamburgers. My friend recommended that I go there and that it had the best curly fries in town, but I had the opposite reaction when I went there. I felt the service was unsatisfactory and there was a lack of enthusiasm. The food was mediocre at best, which is how I described it in the article. The curly fries were unseasoned and limp.Aand the rest of the food was nothing special. Maybe they didn’t like me because I had green hair. Or maybe I came at a bad time. Oh well, I will never return to know.

One of the best experiences I had was at Palomino’s Mexican restaurant. The owner Francisco, who I still have a cordial, casual platonic relationship with was extremely nice, giving, and helpful. I tried shark tacos for the first time while there. The food was excellent and in huge portions. I wish him, his family and his businesses good luck. One of the most disappointing experiences I had was at Eskimo Joe’s. The waiter was extremely nice and helpful, and I like the set up of the restaurant, but the food was just okay. Don’t get me wrong the cheese fries with the sweet peppered bacon was AMAZING, but that was about it. The original Fowl Thing is just a plain grilled chicken sandwich, which needs everything to be added on it to be a tasty meal; everything meaning mayo, cheese, lettuce, pickle, bacon, something. I would think with how famous and popular Eskimo Joe’s is the food would be the reason why, but I don’t think so. I think it is more famous because of its t-shirts and history. Because I had mixed feelings about Joe’s the article I wrote was not published due to monetary reasons. 

I am a food enthusiast. I love food. I have a large appetite I love to cook food, eat it, and go to restaurants to try new, amazing things. I am also a waitress, so I am always around food and understand how the business works and what should be expected and what should not.  I recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to become a restaurant reviewer because it is a really cool job and a good way to network with successful business owners.


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