February 20, 2011

The Journey To Podcasting

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:10 PM by psycheshanicole

I hope you all listened to my podcast in the last blog I wrote, it was a heart warming story presented by the pastor and an interesting experience. Audio is actually a hard concept to learn. The program Garage band does make things seem a lot simpler, but it is still pretty intricate, While doing the podcast I learned so many things. I learned you should record all the audio you are going to use in the same place and probably time, because the background noise, echo level, and other things sound very different and have to be adjusted to sound as similar as possible. I also learned how to cut and edit tracks, I think is the word, as well as add background music somewhat.

It can also be difficult to make the story on a podcast come across as interesting and relevant.  It is more fun thinking of what topic to do then actually putting it all together making it sound good. But that may be because I’m not very good at it yet. I would probably be willing to do another podcast. I like the story telling podcast about unusual lives or experiences, I originally wanted to interview a Holocaust victim for the podcast, but that was pretty unrealistic considering I don’t think I even know any Jewish people; well I probably do and just don’t know it.

Next time if I get to do another podcast I’d like to do a group commentary on a popular topics, such as  fashion, world news, music, movies, etc.


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