March 27, 2011

You Tube At Its Finest

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This Dairy Queen viral video is cool and a good example of a viral video because it allows viewers to potentially interact with the company. It is a good way to attract consumers in an inexpensive way and to promote its products and company. The video promotes a pretty cool contest to win a new car by creating a Dairy Queen video. It’s good promotion and kind of ingenious.

I like this Coca Cola Happiness Store video because I really admire the imagination of Coke with this promotional scheme. The idea of trying to buy a Coke and get all these other unusual things or happenings is intriguing. I want to that stuff to happen to me, I am sure it would brighten anyones day.


March 11, 2011

Daniel’s Life as an EMT

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March 6, 2011

I call it … the toilet

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Here is a picture of a toilet stool from different angles-

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Notice the Oklahoma State University orange.