April 24, 2011

Portfolio Sites

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I looked on the internet and found a few portfolio websites I thought looked cool. I like the simple, sheikh look that also really portrays someones personality in a website. I chose three websites I liked the best. They all ad very simple site maps, two of them had everything basically directed to one page.

Andrew Ckor
Andrew’s page actually looks slightly feminine to me. But its simple and straight to the point which I like.

Jomurgel’s website is a little more futuristic looking and I like the cartoon, which probably resembles him. My favorite part is the knowledge graph.

Jason Reed
Jason’s website is the professional looking. I like the simple, innovative ways he designed his website. With the site map, very simple and small and all on the homepage; but not cluttered.

I’m assuming my portfolio website mock-up will look most similar to Andrew’s. Simple, a couple of colors, but a few more pages instead of everything on one page. I would probably add a picture as well.


April 17, 2011

Surfing the Net

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The internet has become more popular then any other communication medium used today. So privacy on the internet has become a major issue for all users, be it individuals or companies.

People need to know that if they are going to put their credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal or sensitive information on the internet that it will be protected from hackers and identity thieves. People can find how their information will be stored by reading the privacy settings on the website, but most people don’t even do that.

Internet privacy is important to me because I don’t want anyone to hack my passwords on websites I use and act like they are me or steal my personal information. I also buy things online sometimes and I want to know that my credit card number won’t be abused.

Software and programs like Spyware, Cookies, Antivirus, and Encryption can help people protect their computers and information.

You can refer to the links below for more tips on how to protect yourself and surf the internet safely.


April 10, 2011

PSA’s in a nutshell

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The title of this blog may be a little misleading for the actual post, but it is catchy. I chose to do a psa about art and art programs for my video in Electronics Communication. I wanted to do something I thought would be easy and simple. I decided to do a psa with my friend Seyi painting a landscape for the promotion of art programs in schools since funding has become a problem with many districts.

I thought painting a picture would be easy and quick. But it is not. The landscape he painted took several hours and many days to complete. I wanted him to paint something aesthetically pleasing, that would make people want to promote and support art programs, so I thought a landscape would do just fine.

I liked the process of creating a psa/commericial and added my own music and twists into it. I would do again but maybe with a topic a little more practical to record.

View my psa with Seyi below in the last post.

April 8, 2011

Seyi Painting Downtown

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April 2, 2011

The Beauty of Soundslide

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I actually enjoyed making the soundslide about the EMT Daniel. I think the whole soundslide concept and process is pretty cool. If you make the soundslide over a subject that interests you and add like cool sound effects or music, soundslides can be very fun and interesting.

I wish with my soundslide about EMT Daniel that I would have better pre-planned what type of pictures I wanted to take so they would have looked better and had more props and EMT supplies in them. I also wish I wold have started doing my project at an earlier time when I did so I could have went on a run with the local EMT department and got more accurate and better pictures. I would make a soundslide again, like maybe for a friend or family members special occasion or event or something.