April 10, 2011

PSA’s in a nutshell

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:22 PM by psycheshanicole

The title of this blog may be a little misleading for the actual post, but it is catchy. I chose to do a psa about art and art programs for my video in Electronics Communication. I wanted to do something I thought would be easy and simple. I decided to do a psa with my friend Seyi painting a landscape for the promotion of art programs in schools since funding has become a problem with many districts.

I thought painting a picture would be easy and quick. But it is not. The landscape he painted took several hours and many days to complete. I wanted him to paint something aesthetically pleasing, that would make people want to promote and support art programs, so I thought a landscape would do just fine.

I liked the process of creating a psa/commericial and added my own music and twists into it. I would do again but maybe with a topic a little more practical to record.

View my psa with Seyi below in the last post.


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