April 17, 2011

Surfing the Net

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:23 PM by psycheshanicole

The internet has become more popular then any other communication medium used today. So privacy on the internet has become a major issue for all users, be it individuals or companies.

People need to know that if they are going to put their credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personal or sensitive information on the internet that it will be protected from hackers and identity thieves. People can find how their information will be stored by reading the privacy settings on the website, but most people don’t even do that.

Internet privacy is important to me because I don’t want anyone to hack my passwords on websites I use and act like they are me or steal my personal information. I also buy things online sometimes and I want to know that my credit card number won’t be abused.

Software and programs like Spyware, Cookies, Antivirus, and Encryption can help people protect their computers and information.

You can refer to the links below for more tips on how to protect yourself and surf the internet safely.



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