April 24, 2011

Portfolio Sites

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:02 PM by psycheshanicole

I looked on the internet and found a few portfolio websites I thought looked cool. I like the simple, sheikh look that also really portrays someones personality in a website. I chose three websites I liked the best. They all ad very simple site maps, two of them had everything basically directed to one page.

Andrew Ckor
Andrew’s page actually looks slightly feminine to me. But its simple and straight to the point which I like.

Jomurgel’s website is a little more futuristic looking and I like the cartoon, which probably resembles him. My favorite part is the knowledge graph.

Jason Reed
Jason’s website is the professional looking. I like the simple, innovative ways he designed his website. With the site map, very simple and small and all on the homepage; but not cluttered.

I’m assuming my portfolio website mock-up will look most similar to Andrew’s. Simple, a couple of colors, but a few more pages instead of everything on one page. I would probably add a picture as well.


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