February 6, 2011

Podcasting, the next big thing

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Honestly, I hadn’t heard much about podcasting before taking the Electronics Communication course I’m enrolled in right now. But I guess it’s a growing trend of audio and video recordings or live segments of particular subjects posted on the internet or iTunes. I see podcasting as a new form of radio, where you can pick out specifically what you want to listen to. I think they are kind of cool, would be an alternative to listening to music while cleaning or getting ready for the day or browsing the Internet. I haven’t heard very many podcasts, but I think I like the entertainment newscasts type. I listened to a CNN podcast about celebrities and entertainment shows, it was interesting probably because I’m a reality TV and celebrity drama junkie.

I think podcasting is a good way for companies to be able to advertise and reach their consumers in a new way. They could place banners on the bottom of the video podcasts, have an ad play at the beginning while a podcast loads, or have the speaker of the podcast incorporate the company or advertisement some time during the podcast. Stores, especially local businesses could send out or have people subscribe to a podcast of their weekly sales or events. A lot of businesses want people to view their websites and start ordering and paying online, for example Papa John’s sends many e-mails to the people who subscribe or order on its website its daily specials; it may be a lot easier and more effective if they sent out a podcast of their owner Papa John (or whatever his name is) being charismatic as usual breaking down the weekly deals and how they are giving out free pizzas on Superbowl Sunday in a two-minute podcast.

I think I would start podcasting if I could figure out an interesting topic to talk about. I think it would be fun and probably in my future. I thought I was pretty technologically savvy, but I’m not. I need to step my game up and incorporate more technology, especially computer-based, into my everyday life, and podcasting might be the way to start.