February 20, 2011

The Journey To Podcasting

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I hope you all listened to my podcast in the last blog I wrote, it was a heart warming story presented by the pastor and an interesting experience. Audio is actually a hard concept to learn. The program Garage band does make things seem a lot simpler, but it is still pretty intricate, While doing the podcast I learned so many things. I learned you should record all the audio you are going to use in the same place and probably time, because the background noise, echo level, and other things sound very different and have to be adjusted to sound as similar as possible. I also learned how to cut and edit tracks, I think is the word, as well as add background music somewhat.

It can also be difficult to make the story on a podcast come across as interesting and relevant.  It is more fun thinking of what topic to do then actually putting it all together making it sound good. But that may be because I’m not very good at it yet. I would probably be willing to do another podcast. I like the story telling podcast about unusual lives or experiences, I originally wanted to interview a Holocaust victim for the podcast, but that was pretty unrealistic considering I don’t think I even know any Jewish people; well I probably do and just don’t know it.

Next time if I get to do another podcast I’d like to do a group commentary on a popular topics, such as  fashion, world news, music, movies, etc.


February 16, 2011

Podcast: Cowboys Going Above & Beyond

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Here is a link to the podcast me and my classmates just created.

It is about the sad story of a man who recently died in Stillwater bringing a local pastor to want to start a new alternative homeless shelter to the Mission of Hope in Stillwater. Check it Out!

February 13, 2011

A Journey Through Food…

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I used to write a weekly restaurant review for the O’Colly and it actually was an interesting and fun experience. I would go to a different restaurant in Stillwater every week, sometimes with my friends and sometimes without, but each visit was worthwhile. Worthwhile, because I usually enjoyed some great food with some good friends or some horrible food and I know not to return to or recommend that restaurant.

 One bad experience I had in Stillwater was at Curly’s old fashioned hamburgers. My friend recommended that I go there and that it had the best curly fries in town, but I had the opposite reaction when I went there. I felt the service was unsatisfactory and there was a lack of enthusiasm. The food was mediocre at best, which is how I described it in the article. The curly fries were unseasoned and limp.Aand the rest of the food was nothing special. Maybe they didn’t like me because I had green hair. Or maybe I came at a bad time. Oh well, I will never return to know.

One of the best experiences I had was at Palomino’s Mexican restaurant. The owner Francisco, who I still have a cordial, casual platonic relationship with was extremely nice, giving, and helpful. I tried shark tacos for the first time while there. The food was excellent and in huge portions. I wish him, his family and his businesses good luck. One of the most disappointing experiences I had was at Eskimo Joe’s. The waiter was extremely nice and helpful, and I like the set up of the restaurant, but the food was just okay. Don’t get me wrong the cheese fries with the sweet peppered bacon was AMAZING, but that was about it. The original Fowl Thing is just a plain grilled chicken sandwich, which needs everything to be added on it to be a tasty meal; everything meaning mayo, cheese, lettuce, pickle, bacon, something. I would think with how famous and popular Eskimo Joe’s is the food would be the reason why, but I don’t think so. I think it is more famous because of its t-shirts and history. Because I had mixed feelings about Joe’s the article I wrote was not published due to monetary reasons. 

I am a food enthusiast. I love food. I have a large appetite I love to cook food, eat it, and go to restaurants to try new, amazing things. I am also a waitress, so I am always around food and understand how the business works and what should be expected and what should not.  I recommend to anyone that has the opportunity to become a restaurant reviewer because it is a really cool job and a good way to network with successful business owners.

February 6, 2011

Podcasting, the next big thing

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Honestly, I hadn’t heard much about podcasting before taking the Electronics Communication course I’m enrolled in right now. But I guess it’s a growing trend of audio and video recordings or live segments of particular subjects posted on the internet or iTunes. I see podcasting as a new form of radio, where you can pick out specifically what you want to listen to. I think they are kind of cool, would be an alternative to listening to music while cleaning or getting ready for the day or browsing the Internet. I haven’t heard very many podcasts, but I think I like the entertainment newscasts type. I listened to a CNN podcast about celebrities and entertainment shows, it was interesting probably because I’m a reality TV and celebrity drama junkie.

I think podcasting is a good way for companies to be able to advertise and reach their consumers in a new way. They could place banners on the bottom of the video podcasts, have an ad play at the beginning while a podcast loads, or have the speaker of the podcast incorporate the company or advertisement some time during the podcast. Stores, especially local businesses could send out or have people subscribe to a podcast of their weekly sales or events. A lot of businesses want people to view their websites and start ordering and paying online, for example Papa John’s sends many e-mails to the people who subscribe or order on its website its daily specials; it may be a lot easier and more effective if they sent out a podcast of their owner Papa John (or whatever his name is) being charismatic as usual breaking down the weekly deals and how they are giving out free pizzas on Superbowl Sunday in a two-minute podcast.

I think I would start podcasting if I could figure out an interesting topic to talk about. I think it would be fun and probably in my future. I thought I was pretty technologically savvy, but I’m not. I need to step my game up and incorporate more technology, especially computer-based, into my everyday life, and podcasting might be the way to start.

January 30, 2011

Prison and Jail Reform Across The Nation

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There have been several serious issues over the past few years regarding state prisons and county jails, be it underfunding, overcrowding , or deaths. These problems occurring in one of the most prominent nations in the world is unacceptable. There needs to be a serious reform and more strict standards to how prisons are ran to better serve the employees, the inmates, and the surrounding communities.

Nowadays, it seems as if it is most important to arrest every law-breaker, no matter how serious, and to continue to make room for them in the prisons and jails without regard to state laws and regulations or actually rehabilitating criminals. It seems as though The Department of Corrections has forgotten what the meaning of corrections is and has replaced it with the definition of punishment. Understandably, most inmates do deserve to be punished severely for the crimes they have committed, but is it at the expense of the safety of other inmates and employees and the well-being and basic human rights of the inmates themselves?

I have never been to jail, but I’ve only heard horror stories of disgusting food, unbearable temperatures, and mistreatment. Even my father, who has unfortunately spent a large portion of his life in and out of prisons and jails,  has told me that the Oklahoma County Jail is the worse place to be housed, compared to all the places he has been sentenced to go. I would think a county jail would be a little better than a state prison, wouldn’t you?

The amazingly entertaining and raw show, Lockup, shows a glimpse of the lives of inmates across the country. I encourage everyone to watch it on MSNBC late night.

I wanted to write about this topic because of the female prison guard who was strangled at Washington State prison recently (I linked the article to the word “death” in the first sentence) . To me, that incident was ridiculous and preventable, the woman had complained about being alone and unchecked for long periods of time in an area of the prison she guarded and her complaint was ignored, and now she is dead. A 34 year-old woman is dead due to an inmate trying to escape and budget cuts. Tragic.

I’m not 100 percent sure on what specific changes should be done to improve the system, but I hope someone who does have that knowledge steps up and starts a change. Although, if asked, my first recommendation would be to legalize marijuana across the United States, which would alleviate more than 850,000 inmates nationwide, this could make room for more serious offenders such as drunk drivers, rapists, and murderers, and put tax dollars to better use; but that is another topic.

January 23, 2011

Post Numero Uno

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Electronic communication is extremely important to many areas of life-personal, business, academic. From the business perspective, it is important for companies to stay relevant to their consumers, especially through a technology outlet. From an advertising perspective and with technology expanding every day companies must be able to reach their consumers through video, television commercials, digital billboards, blogs, graphically enhanced web sites, phone applications, and so many other forms of electronic communication.

The field of advertising may use electronic communication more than many other career fields, because communicating is basically the main goal of advertising. The purpose of advertising or an advertisement is to communicate and make aware the benefits or availability of a certain product or service. Nowadays it would be essential for advertising agencies and many other companies that offer products or services to have several ways of communicating to their potential and current consumers. Many companies use videos and You Tube to keep record of their events or host commercials. Some companies pay well-known or influential people to blog about their products and services. And with many more people interacting on the Internet, especially on a few select web sites, it is essential to be a part of those sites. Web sites such as Google, You Tube, Facebook, etc are those sites companies want to be a part of, be it a fan page on Facebook, video or advertisement on You Tube, or a hit to a keyword search on Google.

Communication is key to make any relationship or interaction work, personal or business, so companies and employees need to stay up to date with the new ways of doing so to be succesful.

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